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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crystals and oscillators . . .

For some time I just had a few boxes full of crystals and oscillators- some found at ebay, others at rallys etc - not very practical when trying to find a particular one, or know which ones I have.

So the last week I have sorted out a bit, so that crystals with standard values (and in large quantity) have been separated into their own drawers. Others have been grouped in similar frequencies. some are still left unsorted, but that will have to wait.

Now to make a list of what I really have.

The idea is to write a small program for calculating possible uses of the crystals I have - for simple single frequency (or vxo controlled) receiver or transmitter circuits. After all, not all TX/RXs need to be DDS controlled. Yes - I know that there are lists out there with frequency combinations from standard crystals, but I have some additional frequencies in my stock, so will have to figure those out myself.

At least I got a *little* bit more order in my very messy shack ;) - even if I could use some more sorting out - that will have to wait.

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