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Monday, March 29, 2010

WSPR on the Mac

This past week end I have, among other stuff, made a few attempts to get WSPR running on a Mac running Snow Leopard.

Tried a few "Tips and Tricks", using MacPorts and other stuff but none of the tricks were useful.

I was finally pointed to a HowTo for making the install, and this is what will be going on next in that part of the story.

SpectrumLab seems to be running under Wine for the Mac, so it looks like that part is usable.

Fldigi exists as a package and runs, if a bit touchy in the user interface.

Update :

WSPR installed mostly according to the guide, but only on a pristine installation. Not ideal. Thanks to G4KLA for assistance. Now I need to see if I *can* get it installed on my already installed system.

One problem, however : While the >WSPR program starts and runs, it exits at unexpected times with an input overflow message, so not very useful for long term deployment. Back to using Windows for WSPR. (Or possibly Linux, will have to be tested)


  1. I'd be interested in the how-to on building/installing Linux on Mac OS X. I've been trying to do this for a couple of weeks!

  2. Jan

    Sounds like you have made some progress.

    Have you been following Peter Marks tests (see &

    If so I wondered if you had tried his process at all in your MacProts tests. It appears Peter's build is quite stable too...

    I'm trying Peter's approach as the build process in the WSPR svn branch seems to need an older version of Xcode) - but I'm coming unstuck with some of the f2py configuration when running the WSPR makefile

    So far running WSPR under VMware FUsion has left me with choppy audio - and sporadic WSPR success.


    Robin G7VKQ

  3. Sorry for the late reply

    Andre : I stopped trying since it was not stable. Maybe some day I will continue the attempts.

    Robin : I tried the "marxy" approach, but ran into too many problems.

    The "svn" approach was what I got the above results with.

    After having looked at the error msgs it looks like the portaudio stops with a buffer overflow error. However, since I am not a programmer myself I cannot be sure where the error occurs in reality.