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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mini QRSS system

I am back from a visit to Denmark, and found a nice little setup for watching QRSS.

I was using the Eee 1000H - running SpectrumLab - with a Sony SW-1 receiver (and an audio cable)

Everything can be run from a battery, so no problems with hum.

The SW-1 has AM and SSB reception from 150kHz to 30MHz with 1 kHz steps, so by calibrating with the Russian RWM time signal transmitter I could find the QRSS band on 30m. The SW-1 needs a bit more antenna than the built-in telescopic whip, so a wire antenna was attached to the whip. The SW-1 does have an input jack for an (active) antenna, so that will be tested later. Probably a small tuned loop antenna.

I was not using it a lot, so very few signals were heard. The concept worked well enough, and the frequency drift was not excessive. I set the bandwidth of the "grabber" to 200 Hz, though.

Nice and easy low power portable receiver setup, I may use it at home as well, with external power supply.

Update :

Next step ? : maybe using the Asus Eee4G with linux/WINE, running SpectrumLab - it could hardly get any smaller.

Further, a simple DC-RX - maybe powered by the USB port ?

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