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A collection of thoughts, and my notes about experiments and ideas, technical or otherwise, connected to Amateur Radio, Satellite working and monitoring and other electronics.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thor's Hammer up and running

During some work at the place the PC had been switched off.

The "Hammer" is running nicely again since Christmas.

It is running on 10MHz and 500kHz as before. Possibly with an extension in a few months. Some antenna work and some soldering needed.

Next band will probably be 80 (3500kHz). and a simpler receiver for 10MHz. The original receiver will then be set to yet another band. Some wideband antenna work will be necessary for this to work out.

Time to get the soldering iron warmed up again.

On the PA9QV front the next soldering project should be the FA-SDR. All components including the housing have arrived, only a PA (1W) is missing yet. I may build a small wideband PA myself.

Still a lot of kits to build, but slowly getting started again.