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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Idea Box : Simple Two Band Grabber Receiver

This could be extended to 3 or 4 bands with some effort, but here is the basic idea :

I have some Crystals on 3500 , 7000 and 14000 kHz. This could make for an easy setup of a dual band grabber using a single local oscillator :

Here is the trick :

- make a single oscillator on 3500 kHz
- use two buffers (possibly use the gates as buffers)
- take one signal and use a direct conversion receiver circuit on 3500kHz, using the crystal filter of Joachim's QRSS receiver

- take the other signal and use the 3500 kHz LO signal for a receiver almost exactly as PA1GSJs receiver,

- making it a *simultaneous* dual band grabber receiver for :
- 3500.800 - 3500.900 kHz
- 7000.800 - 7000.900 kHz

Of course, the same idea could be used to make a 7000 / 14000 kHz dual band grabber receiver using 7000 and 14000 kHz Crystals.

There is even the option of making a doubler for the 3500 kHz signal, using this for extending the dual band grabber to a 3-band grabber for 3500/7000/14000 kHz.

Actually Joachim and I have been talking about the 3-band idea, but I have come to think that the 2-band idea is better in terms of simplicity of construction

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  1. Jan, I believe, on the lower band edge a filter is not really required, what will be on 3.4992, 6.9992 or 13.9992?