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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Portable QRSS Grabber runs on Linux now

I visited a friend having done a script for uploading grabber images today. We tweaked the script to my server etc and it is now running.

The portable grabber uses a Sony SW-100 receiver capable of setting the frequency with 100 Hz steps. this means that the maximum frequency error should be contained within 50 Hz

In the first tests, the frequency was not properly calibrated, so nothing at all was seen.

The grabber software runs on a EeePC 1000H, and was running the grabber the past few days in Windows XP .

The whole setup with Linux, (the distribution JoliCloud is used here), installing JoliCloud, WINE and SpectumLab took a few hours from a purely XP machine to a running grabber.

Back home I extended the antenna - well, added a lenth of wire outdoors, extending the indoor part with a part away from the PC, and voila, G6AVK's signal appeared.

I hereby declare The Very Experimental Portable Grabber (TVEPG) a success.

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