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Sunday, May 17, 2009

10MHz qrss rx

I left the 10m TX for a while and got started building a simple 30m direct conversion QRSS reveiver.

Discussions with Joachim resulted in two receivers one already built by Joachim and the one I am building now, with a local oscillator at half the RX frequency and using a RA3AAE type mixer

For this RX I am generally following this concept found at PA2OHH, the difference is that I - like Joachim - use a canned oscillator at 5.0688 MHz

The Oscillator/mixer and the AF circuit is ready for an initial test (tomorrow), and the RF input circuit is yet missing.

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  1. dear om can you please share the ckt you made. thanks. vu3inj.indrajitsinh.
    i also intends to work on ra3aae detectors. my blog is .