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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FT-817 PA failure

Looks like the PA of my FT-817 gave up the ghost. Maximum 50 - 100mW out of the transceiver, whatever I do.

It looked for a day or two like my WSPR signals on 10MHz were soewhat down, and quite right, minimalist output there.

I have decided to leave it as is for now, a bit of output is still there, but a repair has to be done at a later stage.

Also, I decided to move the FT-817 *as it is now, on 10 meters, so listening and *really* WSPRing on 28.126120 MHz if anyone pops up there I will be leaving the reporter on and with an estimated output power of 50mW, running concurrently with SpectrumLab for QRSS on 28.125900 - 28.126000 MHz, running with a full wave 10m loop inside my balcony, tuneable from 10 - 20m with reasonable efficiency.

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