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Sunday, May 17, 2009

WSPRing away

As an intermediate solution I have set up my FT-817 for running WSPR on 10.140MHz - with 200mW out. The receiver does QRSS reception, too, but of course blacks out while WSPR is transmitted.

I made myself an interface similar to the VK2ZAY one, and it works nicely. The AF level out of the computer is a bit low for operation of the "VOX" circuit, and should be modified a bit, but otherwise it works fine.

Now, it is a bit of overkill to use the FT-817 for just 200Hz of the spectrum, after all it covers all bands from 160m to 70cm. So the 10MHz direct conversion receiver of the previous post is just the beginning, a "proof of the concept", used for WSPR transmission and reception and QRSS reception

The intention is to build, at a later stage, a full, but simple, "single frequency ssb direct conversion transceiver" and a dedicated 30m antenna tuned to 10.140 - probably a "magnetic loop".

For now I have a fairly large reading project, so the ful TRX will have to wait a bit.

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