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A collection of thoughts, and my notes about experiments and ideas, technical or otherwise, connected to Amateur Radio, Satellite working and monitoring and other electronics.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

First test 10 MHz RX

looks like the AF amplifier is fine now, using abt 3 mA at 12V, Xtal oscillator uses abt 5 mA at 5V. Quite a bit lower power than the FT-817.

Having only one power supply in the shack for experimantation, I need to find a 78(L)05 in my pile of components, so I can test the XO and mixer. I wonder if the output of the XO is sufficient to drive the relatively low impedance (abt 2kohm) of the mixer. but guess it will.

No more soldersmoke for today. maybe a bit of reading for now.

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