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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

half hour antenna for satellite reception

I was growing tired of having poor reception of the transmissions from ISS on 145.800/825 and 143.625 MHz, so decided for a quick ground plane antenna. What to do for a quick antenna ?

Here we go :

1) use a piece of coax, strip about 53 cm of the shield off
2) connect 2 pieces of (insulated) wire about the same length to the shield connection
3) insulate with duct tape for a quick weather protection (will not hold long, but this is a temporary setup)
4) string the thing up between the clothesline and the balcony railing
5) pull the cable through the wall/door/window
6) add connector indoors to the radio and connect to radio
7) done

Results receiving ISS were better than using mu uhf-satcom log periodic array (no real surprise there)

I still need a better antenna/antenna position (poor reception when the ISS signal has to go through the buildin), and since I have some noise, so more to do.

Probably a 2m antenna with preamp (cable length) in the dormer.

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