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Monday, July 6, 2009

S-Band Filters

I found someone selling some filters on eBay. The description said centre frequency 2125MHz and bandwidth 295MHz

However, when looking at the photo it looks like there are two different filters :
2125/295MHz and

If that is correct I will have two very useful filtersone covering approx 1975 - 2275MHz (useable for most of the satellite S-band downlinks (2200 - 2300MHZ), and one covering 2225 - 2525MHz also useable for a good part of the Satellite S-Band downlink band , as well as the Amateur radio *and ISM) band from 2320 - 2450MHz.

Both filters are indeed usable for reception of the LRO on 2271.200MHz

If the two filters in the photo are indeed what I will receive.

When I receive the filters, I will be able to test whether my theory of poor image rejection in the receiver is correct, or if the problem is caused by IMD outside my RX system.

In any case this is going to be interesting.

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