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A collection of thoughts, and my notes about experiments and ideas, technical or otherwise, connected to Amateur Radio, Satellite working and monitoring and other electronics.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

RockMite 30 Experiments

In addition to mounting all but the inductors and transformers for 80m the Warbler and a few more components for the 40m WSPR Warbler I have built a RockMite 30, for use as a Grabber RX only for 30m.

The evening welt with getting the Local oscillator (10.140MHz Xtal) down to 10.138.700. This is done by bypassing the frequency switching, using a simple serial connection of a 10uH inductor and a variable capacitance ( 12 - 30pF ).

The input Xtal filter will be added later, after stability test of the local oscillator, and will probably be a simple SIngle Xtal tunable filter.

Tomorrow will be busy with some non radio activities, so progress will be much slower than it has been this week end.

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  1. Interesting... one may also consider penning down a crystal... hmmm, I will look into this.
    73, Joachim