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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sporadic E Season and 10m

At the start of the sporadic E season I have retuned my main grabber to 28.321/28.322MHz , still retaining the secondary image for 500kHz.

The 28MHz grabber is using a FT-817 and the 500kHz grabber is still using the ATS909.

As per the previous post I am in the slow process of building more (simple) grabber receivers and some WSPR equipment for 500kHz and several HF bands, at least 3.5, 7 and 10 MHz.

I am interested to participate in the 160m WSPR summer project, so looked for a suitable set of Xtal frequencies. It looks like 9MHz, BFO 8999.5 (I have a Xtal filter, or could probably use some 9 (27) MHz Xtals) and 7159kHz, pulled a down about 4kHz, this should work.

I may need to add sound cards to the grabber PC in order to monitor more than two frequencies.

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