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Saturday, June 19, 2010

DDS-60 has arrived

Just received a DDS-60 "daughter-board".

Now will be the time to look into getting the DDS programmed, there is no controller yet.

For very simple stuff a PIC or PICAXE processor programmed in BASIC will probably do. For more functionality (and more memories) I should probably go for a more advanced processor. IFor that I consider the Arduino project, using AVR ATMEGA processors. It uses a variation of C (with a limited functionality and special commands for controlling I/O pins), something I have not yet done anything with, but is it ever too late to learn ?

Arduino is an open source project, so even the bootloader can be loaded on to a processor without one, unlike the PICAXE bootloader which is proprietary. I now have an Arduino board and a few processors on the way.

More to think about, more to try out ...

This summer I also have a large reading project going on, so a bit less radio building activity is expected.

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