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Sunday, June 6, 2010

More RM30 info

The RM30 was tested a bit this week end before the shack update, and the results look encouraging and disappointing.

The sensitivity of the RM30 looks really good, noise increases more than 30dB when a piece ow wire (in the shack) is connected, indicating sufficient gain for a grabber.

The frequency response shows the unmodified RM30 to have a slightly too low peak frequency, about 1kHz, so next test will be a (variable) capacitor in series with the input crystal, the main problem is mounting it on the PCB.

The frequency stability, however is not nearly as good as I would want. I may have to get some of the clip-on heaters that DB6NT has for sale, but initially the RM30 will be boxed and thermally insulated.

Update :

47pF in series with the input filter crystal brings the peak (rather broad) up to 10140.5 , this is quite acceptable since the bandwidth of the filter is about 1 kHz in the RM-30 setup.

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