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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shack update

Some time ago I moved the shack from the "attic" position, especially because it gets extremely hot up the in the summer and very cold in the winter. Also the mess there is "rather visible".

Today I was digging out some of the test equipment from upstairs, so the shack downstairs is now sort of usable. The soldering iron was , of course there already, but now I added my Lab power supply, oscilloscope, frequency counter is now set up, as weel as an old "Bolometer" for RF power measurements. oh yes, a step attenuator from 1 - 110dB is not bad to have in the shack - and an ancient AF signal generator. An old digital multimeter running off mains seems to be out of service at the moment, but a portable one will have to do for now.

The RF signal generator, running from 10 - 500 MHz is not that good for SSB/CW measurements, but will have to do for now. It seems I should build a DDS or synthesized RF generator and just use the external attenuator.

And finally the heavy equipment : a spectrum analyzer, yes old surplus, but looks like in working order still, all will now have to be powered up some time every day to make sure it does not burn out.

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